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1201 North Orange Street
Suite 903
Wilmington • Delaware

Schedule a Deposition by phone and online

For immediate scheduling in our Wilmington office,  call 302-573-2300

 ***Note: If you are scheduling a deposition with less than 24 business hours notice, please call us.


  • Welcome to BSR - Basye Santiago Reporting !
    BSR is proud to offer court reporting coverage in Delaware and the surrounding tri-state area. 
    We offer professional experience with a personal approach.

    BSR utilizes all latest technology, including:

  • Nationwide Internet Scheduling
  • Realtime Reporting Services
  • Rough Disks
  • Comprehensive Video Services
  • Dedicated Transcript and Exhibit Repository
  • Web-Based Calendaring
  • E-Transcripts * FREE!
  • Interpretation/Translation
  • Videoconferencing
  • Conference Rooms
  • ASCll Disks
  • Condensed Transcripts

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We also offer state-of-the-art video deposition services, complete with digitization and synchronization. Video testimony is one of the most effective tools for witness presentation and impeachment in the courtroom, and employs simple-to-use proprietary software, making your deposition review straightforward and more cost-effective than traditional paper review. Video services include:

  • Digital Videography
  • Multiple Camera Perspective
  • Realtime Exhibit and Video Deposition Integration
  • Courtroom Video Playback
  • Site Scene Investigation
  • Video Digitization
  • Transcript Synchronization


For jury consulting, graphics work, document management, and even more services, please ask how our partner Magna Legal Services, can assist you.